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Carson McCullers
she died of alcoholism wrapped in a blanket on a deck chair on an ocean steamer. all her books of terrified loneliness all her books about the cruelty of loveless love were all that was left of her as the strolling vacationer discovered her body notified the captain and she was quickly dispatched to somewhere else on the ship as everything continued just as she had written it

                            -Charles Bukowskiz 

Foto: A young and happy Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers

she died of alcoholism 
wrapped in a blanket 
on a deck chair 
on an ocean 

all her books of 
terrified loneliness 

all her books about 
the cruelty 
of loveless love 

were all that was left 
of her 

as the strolling vacationer 
discovered her body 

notified the captain 

and she was quickly dispatched 
to somewhere else 
on the ship 

as everything 
continued just 
she had written it

                            -Charles Bukowskiz
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