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On Tears

Tears is the break of my brow,The moony tempestuousSitting downIn dark railyardsWhen to see my mother’s faceRecalling from the waking visionI wept to understandThe trap mortalityAnd personal blood of earthWhich saw me in—Father fatherWhy hast thou forsaken me?Mortality & unpleasureRoam this city—Unhappiness my middle nameI want to be saved,-Sunk—can’t beWon’t beNever was made—So retch! 

Jack Kerouac
Foto: Jack Kerouac

On Tears

Tears is the break of my brow,
The moony tempestuous
Sitting downIn dark railyards
When to see my mother’s face
Recalling from the waking vision
I wept to understand
The trap mortality
And personal blood of earth
Which saw me in—Father father
Why hast thou forsaken me?
Mortality & unpleasure
Roam this city—
Unhappiness my middle name
I want to be saved,-
Sunk—can’t be
Won’t be
Never was made—
So retch! 

Jack Kerouac
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