Ask me anything   Tales from a girl near the center of the earth. Ando cerca de la latitud 60 y tengo algunos cuentos que contar. Arte.Foto.Poesia.Muerte.Saudade. Musica.Three Languages.

Dancing on a beachStep on my feetlet me feel some pain happily induced by youlet the waves erase us,our insecure giants steps.Say horrible things to me,wash me like dirty feetspit me out like sand out of the oceanOh, you determined tsunami.Come close,let me smell your perfumed arrogancelet me dance on your feetjust one moment.Where there is musicand we pretend we move along.-TCM

Foto Aaron Fever
Dancing on a beach

Step on my feet
let me feel some pain happily induced by you
let the waves erase us,
our insecure giants steps.
Say horrible things to me,
wash me like dirty feet
spit me out like sand out of the ocean
Oh, you determined tsunami.
Come close,
let me smell your perfumed arrogance
let me dance on your feet
just one moment.
Where there is music
and we pretend we move along.

Foto Aaron Fever
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